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IDs and Licenses

Arizona has a list of approved Primary Documents, most use birth certificate or passport but a full list of acceptable documents can be found here


First Time Arizona ID/DL - Individuals must bring in original form of Primary Identification. Individuals applying for a first time license will complete a written and road test. 

Travel ID/DL- Individuals with a current ID or DL will be upgraded to a Travel ID/DL. Original Primary Identification document as well as two forms of proof of residence are required. Travel DL/ID must have residential address printed on the card.  Travel ID is ONLY for domestic travel and is not a border crossing card. 

Driving Permit-  Written test is offered in office. Individuals who are underage are eligible to take the test online by accessing the Motor Vehicle Department website here . Minors must bring legal guardian (with legal documentation) or custodial parent to sign authorization for permit. If there is a joint custody agreement both parents/guardians must be present.

ID/LICENSE Updates- For someone who has previously had an ID or license but must update their information. This includes address changes, picture update, and name/sex changes. 

             Name and sex change updates require additional documentation. Marriage certificate, Divorce decree, Court order, Amended Birth Certificates are acceptable. All documents MUST be original or a certified copy. 


Renewals- Citizens renewing a license must pass an eye exam and take a new picture. Residents who are renewing because of a new visa/extension must bring in their new immigration documents. 

At this time the above services are only available at our Prince location. 

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