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Tags, Titles & Registration

Vehicle Registration- Renew your vehicle's registration. Emissions on vehicles 5 years or older is required.

Arizona Registration Only (ARO): Register your vehicle in Arizona while the title is being held in another state. Proof of lien is required.

Title Transfer: Arizona requires all vehicles be transferred WITH registration unless it is not drivable. Title transfer will include your registration unless you request a Title Only.

Title Only: Only eligible with Level 1 Title Only Inspection (provided at our location or at any MVD site) or a failed emission test. 

Bonded Titles: Individuals who purchased a vehicle with no title, or who have lost ownership documents prior to title transfer. We fill out required documents on your behalf, contact prior owners/lien holders. 

Arizona is phasing out paper titles. Your titles are now automatically electronic and will appear under your Arizona Motor Vehicle profile. You may request a paper title be issued and it will be mailed after transfer is processed. 

Above Services provided at all of our locations. 

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