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Please note: Not all services are offered at every location.

ID's and Driver's Licenses

Arizona has a list of approved Primary Documents, most use birth certificate or passport but a full list of acceptable documents can be found here


First Time Arizona ID/DL - Individuals must bring in original form of Primary Identification. Individuals applying for a first time license will complete a written and road test. 

Travel ID/DL- Individuals with a current ID or DL will be upgraded to a Travel ID/DL. Original Primary Identification document as well as two forms of proof of residence are required. Travel DL/ID must have residential address printed on the card.  Travel ID is ONLY for domestic travel and is not a border crossing card. 

Driving Permit-  Written test is offered in office. Individuals who are underage are eligible to take the test online by accessing the Motor Vehicle Department website here . Minors must bring legal guardian (with legal documentation) or custodial parent to sign authorization for permit. If there is a joint custody agreement both parents/guardians must be present.

ID/LICENSE Updates- For someone who has previously had an ID or license but must update their information. This includes address changes, picture update, and name/sex changes. 

             Name and sex change updates require additional documentation. Marriage certificate, Divorce decree, Court order, Amended Birth Certificates are acceptable. All documents MUST be original or a certified copy. 


Renewals- Citizens renewing a license must pass an eye exam and take a new picture. Residents who are renewing because of a new visa/extension must bring in their new immigration documents. 

Available at Prince and Irvington Locations

Road Tests

Road Tests- Individuals must use their own vehicles, as well as provide proof of current insurance and registration. The vehicle does NOT have to be registered to the person completing the test. The test begins with parallel parking and then concludes with one of various mapped out routes. Road tests are only administered with appointments. 





Available at Prince and Irvington Locations

Tags, Titles & Registration

Vehicle Registration- Renew your vehicle's registration. Emissions on vehicles 5 years or older is required.

Arizona Registration Only (ARO): Register your vehicle in Arizona while the title is being held in another state. Proof of lien is required.

Title Transfer: Arizona requires all vehicles be transferred WITH registration unless it is not drivable. Title transfer will include your registration unless you request a Title Only.

Title Only: Only eligible with Level 1 Title Only Inspection (provided at our location or at any MVD site) or a failed emission test. 

Bonded Titles: Individuals who purchased a vehicle with no title, or who have lost ownership documents prior to title transfer. We fill out required documents on your behalf, contact prior owners/lien holders. 

Arizona is phasing out paper titles. Your titles are now automatically electronic and will appear under your Arizona Motor Vehicle profile. You may request a paper title be issued and it will be mailed after transfer is processed. 

Above Services provided at all of our locations. 

Vehicle Permits

3 Day Permit-  Restricted permit available to anyone. 3 permitted every 12 months. 

30 Day Resident Permit- Non restricted permit available to the registered owner of the vehicle. 1 permitted every 12 months.

90 Day Non Resident Permit- Available to out of state residents who have purchased a vehicle in Arizona and are driving to their home state. 

90 Day Resident Permit- Available to Arizona residents who cannot transfer title into their name while they wait on further documents. 1 permitted every 12 months.

Above services provided at all of our locations. 

Out-of-State Transfers

Out of State Vehicles- You must bring in the current out of state title that is signed and notarized (if applicable) by the seller. Emissions required on vehicles 5 years or older. If title is being held by a finance company an Arizona Registration Only will be issued. 

Out of State License/ID- Arizona honors driving privileges from other states. You must bring your current out of state license or official MVD Driving Record as well as original birth certificate or current passport. Individuals need to provide their social security number for all license and ID transactions. 

Out of state vehicle transfers available at all of our locations. Licenses/ID services are only provided at our Prince and Irvington Rd. locations.

Vehicle Inspections

Level 1 Inspections-  Used to verify VIN/Federal Label for transactions. 

Bonded Title Inspections- Necessary for bond process. Vin/Federal Label 

Inspection services available at all of our locations. Mobile inspector available for your convenience.

Recreational Vehicles

Register and Title your RV, ATV or off road motorcycle. 

OHV sticker renewal for off road vehicles 

​Above services available at all of our locations. 

Mobile Homes

Transfer mobile home ownership. Must bring in current and notarized title or Electronic Title Transfer document.

​Above services available at all of our locations. 

Notary Services

Notary services available. Individuals must bring in original form of ID such as license or passport. 

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